ENFJ Personality Type: The value of knowing yourself

ENFJ personality type characters

ENFJ and ENFJ personality type characters? What do these random letters mean? 

Firstly, lets grab a cup of tea. It is a new year and I always start the year with some introspection. While a little personal development is on my agenda all year round. Importantly, I find the start of a new year a great time to focus and look into myself.

For some people these 4 letters mean something, for others this would be the first time you would have come across these letters and others similar concepts such as ENFJ personality type characters.

“To thine own self be true” – the perfect quote from Hamlet and no truer to anyone who is on a journey of uncovering their authenticity.  Taking a personality test is a great place to start. The  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test (MBTI) is a great one and most importantly, the one that uncovered my personality type – ENFJ.

ENFJ is also known as a teacher, giver, or protagonist. There are 15 other ENFJ personality type characters to uncover. A personality test can really help with understanding yourself and allow you to confidently own your unique strengths. As such, it can add greater insight and value to your life and boost your personal and professional journey.

The 16 Personality Types – ENFJ and More

Acronyms like ENFJ and INFJ have grown in popularity in recent years, especially with famous ENFJ examples (like Obama and Oprah).

Most importantly, thanks to a formidable mum-and-daughter duo, Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers Briggs, the MBTI was borne in the 1960s. Inspiringly, both women had a passion for knowledge and an interest in the theories of renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. World War Two is said to be one of the reasons the test was developed. The pair believed that people would be less inclined towards conflict if they understood themselves and each other better. Consequently, they expanded on Jung’s ideas and created accessible archetypes or personality ‘types’ for everyday people. Twenty years later, after extensive research and development, the test was available to the public where they could find their ENFJ personality type characters.

What the ENFJ Personality Type Characters Test Offers

Importantly, the ENFJ personality type characters test is able to offer a number of benefits that include:

  • Giving you greater insight into your personality. 
  • Helping you to better understand others and improve your relationships.
  • Creating a tangible road map to success.
  • Equipping you with the knowledge to build communities and networks.

The ENFJ personality type characters test takes the form of a self-reporting inventory. Responders will be tasked with answering a series of statements and deciding to what extent they agree or disagree with them. Once the test is completed, respondents will be given their personality type. Also, and an in-depth write-up of what it means. As well as their connection to others. Importantly, a respondent has various skills, strengths and weaknesses.

As a result, relationship dynamics, career paths that would be well-suited, and next steps to achieve your full potential are made clear.

Naturally, each ENFJ personality type characters has its unique strengths and gifts. However, doing such a test can help you to focus on the areas that inspire you. Notwithstanding, they can help you to find your true calling and live your most authentic life. These are great ENFJ examples.

Empowerment and Authenticity Benefits

While finding out your personality type can lead to a more empowered you and authentic life, it helped me to reflect on where I am.

Consequently, it showed me that my journey really is in alignment with my personality type. In fact, I found out that my ENFJ personality type occurs in only about 2.2 percent of the population. As well as being extroverted, intuitive and feeling, they also have judging traits. They are known as being ‘people persons’ and thrive on connection, innovation, and leadership. At a deeper level, they are known for their unconquerable drive, their warm natures, their ability to inspire others, and their affinity for organisation. They are often regarded as excellent catalysts for the growth of their fellow human beings and can thus ignite positive transformation.

Nonetheless, each of the 16 types has its own value and the diversity of personality types is imperative in any individual or team. Knowing yours can strengthen your understanding of self and inspire you to live an authentic life. 

An ENFJ personality type characters Conclusion 

Importantly, discovering your personality type can be a fun and exciting way to learn more about yourself or your team. Subsequently, it can offer insight into your strengths, passions, and abilities and ultimately create more value and authenticity in your life. For example, within a group, it can enhance communication, enable team members to play to their particular strengths and encourage greater self-reflection. As a result, it leads to more positive outcomes, both professionally and personally.

If you want to empower yourself and enhance your self-knowledge, it might be worth taking the test.