Beauty Brands With Purpose – How I built Malée Natural Science

Contrary to most beauty brands with purpose, how did you build your beauty brand Malée Natural Science?. This is a question that I often get and most times I find the answer being a simple, I just did. 

Often anti-climactic a response, that is all I did and simply do daily. I wake up every day, tackling the little things. As a result, I ended building a building brand a decade later that has been featured in CNN, The Telegraph, Huffington Post and retailed in Harvey Nichols . Along with hospitality partners like Singita Game Reserves to name a few.

Nonetheless, the headlines of very popular beauty brands and their IPO’s are putting the spotlight on the industry. In addition, mostly dubbed as being saturated and with a high barrier to entry, meanwhile, there are still an estimated 360 new beauty brands created every year.

So why would anyone want to create a beaty brand today?.

With resources like Formula Botanica offering courses and an opportunity to build beauty brands with purpose from your kitchen. The once impossible to penetrate beauty industry is becoming widely accessible. Thanks to a sharing of knowledge, innovation and technology. 

You can listen to my podcast interview with Formula Botanica when you Click HERE . I share a few tips on the mindset of a skincare entrepreneur. 

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It should be noted that the beauty industry is a $532 Billion dollar industry. Especially as social media is now playing a big part for both brands and consumers. Importantly, the trends fueling this growth are without a doubt transforming the industry.

Beauty Brands With Purpose

My Beauty Brands With Purpose Journey

Whereas I came up with the concept for Malée on my bed while unemployed and searching for a role after I had just finished business school and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa.

At this time, I realised that a gap in the market existed for luxury beauty brands with purpose from Africa in the global marketplace. Especially, a beauty brand that was authentic while having purpose while serving the communities that grow its ingredients, sustainable in its production and packaging, responsible and also cruelty free. Beauty with purpose, a conscious luxury that the beauty industry was lacking in Africa and also globally.

Following a decade of success, several consumer product awards, 9 countries that we are present in and growing. I created The ZOS Creative Co in order to help other young brands build their own dreams. 

In the meantime, here are a few tips that can be helpful while building a new beauty brand today for anyone hoping to join the headline topping beauty brands today:

How to build a new beauty brand that stands out from the other beauty brands?

  • Challenge the status quo: There is always room for innovation, do not be afraid to challenge the status quo with your new beauty brand idea and stand out with your offering for you beauty brands with purpose.
  • Quality: The consumer today is educated and aware of what works and doesn’t. As a result, they are not only looking at your packaging but also the quality of your products and ingredients. “Clean” ingredients listings are becoming more popular with beauty brands and consumers.
  • Focus on your customer: Not only is your customer and their pain points the most important part of any new beauty brand, they are the nucleus of any new beauty brand so create products that are centred around their needs.
  • Build to scale: undoubtedly, a costly mistake to make in the early days will be building a beauty brand that can not scale. When the momentum of your efforts kicks in, you seldomly get the time to adjust. Before this day arrives, build the foundations of your beauty brand with scale in mind. Build a website – try Bluehost for an affordable, secure and concise hosting solution. They are the best when looking to build a website for any beauty brands with purpose.


Above all, building beauty brands with purpose should be a fun entrepreneurial journey that is focused on creating value. Furthermore, differing from the beauty brands in the crowd and providing real solutions to real people is what will set you apart. 

Do you have a beauty brands with purpose idea that you would like help with? Get in touch.