The art of enjoying some ‘Me Time’

I think the phrase ‘Me Time’ has evolved several times for me over the last decade. At times, it has meant listening to my favourite Spotify playlist out loud while I get ready for the day, singing along classic songs, spending those extra minutes under a running shower and just breathing, putting on my favourite luxury perfume and that fleeting thought as I catch my reflection in the mirror on my way out… ‘cute’ quietly says the voice in my head.

It has been the perfect theme song of my life coming on just at the right moment while I am out walking to work on a crisp, sunny but comfortable morning, heart rate steady and I crack a subtle smile, a skip in my step, and that is a joyful moment.

I have tried to understand, define and analyse my experience to understand if I get enough ‘Me Time’ technically; often, self care (what does this actually mean?); trending social media hashtags around the topic has sometimes made me feel pangs of guilt as my days are filled with the responsibility of being a working mother and, as 6pm looms, the last few minutes are full of me rushing to try and cram more into the working day, chasing the feeling of accomplishment before I swap hats and I am back to being a mother of a demanding toddler.

One thing is for sure, having helping hands makes this possible. My assistant keeps me focused, organised and more efficient throughout the day. Childcare allows me to work and have moments that can be just for me while I know my little one is well looked after, happy and stimulated.

At times, the time alone can feel like luxury while trying to launch a new project, run a new business across two continents or pursue my next big idea, be a wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt, etc. It seems almost wasteful when time seems to be so short.

I have come to find that Me Time’ is indeed a luxury but an absolute necessity. The ability to sit alone, in silence, meditate, indulge in a cup of tea, eat a piece of cake, let your hair down, read something that makes you smile, dance to a song like no one is watching or call a friend that makes you chuckle and brings you joy.

We are seldomly taught the power of being kind to yourself. It is probably the kindest gesture and gift.

To devote the time selfishly, indulgently and with the same or even more attention to yourself as you would pay to others, being them your family, professional commitments, friends or the Uber driver on your way home. Making time for yourself needs to be high on that list.

When has this last happened for you?

What if these moments were some of the best days of your life?

What are your ‘Me Time moments? I would love to know. Please share in the comments section below.