Ernest Danjuma: A Journey to Becoming an African Change-Maker

Ernest Danjuma is the founding partner of The Denda Group,
Ernest Danjuma


Ernest Danjuma is the founding partner of The Denda Group, a brand design and growth hacking company using digital storytelling to elevate startups, small businesses, and social enterprises. During his career, he’s been a construction project manager, writer, engineer, entrepreneur, and business strategist. He is passionate about African-owned businesses and startups.

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: A Journey to Becoming an African Change-Maker

Ernest Danjuma illustrates there is more than one pathway to success. He journeyed from construction management to brand design while building a platform to elevate African voices and issues. Now he uses his influence to highlight vital issues and support Africans.

Ernest is someone recognized for being at the change-making events of the last decade. Learn from him why being present was important. Hear the conversations that changed his perspective on the continent and reshaped his values.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Why Ernest Danjuma believes his presence and involvement with change-making events is vital to giving a voice to a voiceless (05:59)
  • His background in mechanical engineering and construction and transitioning into politics, writing, and entrepreneurship (12:44)
  • How it felt to be recognized for his social entrepreneurship (18:04)
  • Ernest uses attention to focus on what issues are significant (23:34)
  • The conversations that altered Ernest Danjuma’s approach to Africa (29:48)
  • Break from the pressure to find your purpose; understanding life is a journey of decisions (44:21)

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