Fisayo Longe, Founder and Creative Director of KAI

Fisayo Longe is the owner and creative director of Kai Collective; a womenswear brand described by ELLE UK as ‘transcending trends’
Fisayo Longe


Fisayo Longe dives into her history and evolution from a corporate background in accounting to a fashion-preneur. She talks about seeking her degree, being kicked out of university, and if the education is worth it.

A large part of her brand has been inviting others into her life. She didn’t start blogging with the intention to monetize and grow a brand; it evolved naturally. Fisayo nurtured her passion for fashion and travel into a career. Being her true self has been a way for her to be creative and empower others.

Hear Fisayo Longe’s advice about blogging as a destination. She shares her advice on monetizing the blog and why authenticity matters.

Episode Highlights:

  • Her experiences seeking a degree and an inferiority complex – 8:25
  • Fisayo was kicked out of university because she was busy starting her business – 12:34
  • Fisayo Longe’s thoughts on creativity – 18:10
  • Finding how being her true self on the Mirror Me platform empowers others – 23:14
  • Her passion for making women feel powerful and embrace who they are – 24:34
  • Fisayo Longe gives advice on monetizing blogging – 29:16
  • What our work lives looks like currently with the pandemic – 46:07
  • The importance of connectivity and transparency in what you do – 49:40


Fisayo Longe is the owner and creative director of Kai Collective; a womenswear brand described by ELLE UK as ‘transcending trends’. After three years as an accountant at KPMG, she set out to focus on building her personal brand as a fashion, travel and lifestyle content creator through which she has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Google, Lancome, Facebook and Aldo. She now teaches aspiring creative entrepreneurs how to transition from content creators to profitable entrepreneurs through her initiative, the Clan of Creatives and has shared her insight on panels at Cambridge University, Warwick University, and the Ernst & Young foundation.

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