Podcast Hosting

Growing up, I always found my parents listening to the radio around the house something I struggled to connect with. It almost always seemed like strangers and their voices where invading our space without invitation.

Fast forward into my thirties and the rise of podcasts and I have now become for the lack of a better word addicted to them. I learn, they keep me company and at times entertain me.

Like my parents, I wonder, if Esosa thinks this of me now even though my sessions are limited to after bed time or in the shower while I get ready for the day.

None the less, It hasn’t stopped me and didn’t stop me from coming up with my very own podcast after the fatigue of trying to market Malée and always feeling like our efforts weren’t making enough of a difference. I thought why not?.

Why not offer people the very thing that I get asked a lot and not just how successes and failure happen or overcoming obstacles but a chance to be part of the journey of people that look like me and have similar backgrounds; third culture kids who are all African carving a way for themselves and seemingly our continent in this growing world. An opportunity to document, celebrate and capture what I feel is an incredible time in our collective history as Africans.

I hope someone out there gets value from this as I am having a great time each episode exploring, connecting and growing this community of ours. Hopefully one day to make an even bigger and substantial impact in the world together.

Join me every week from the 10th of February 2020 with a guest or alone for engaging content when I sit down with influential entrepreneurs, creators, artists and well-respected guests. Simply put, it is conversations with people who are overcoming their own personal challenges while navigating and achieving success.

Third Culture Africans the podcast, my newest baby backed by Malée releases an episode weekly and launches 10.02.2020 on all platforms.

Click HERE to learn more about the show.